Strategy, design and engineering

A handshake, not a handover

A team of experts focussed on detail, craft and the quality needed to build the right things and build things right.

With years of experience in and around Production TeamsĀ our founders saw first hand that Strategists, Designers and Engineers worked best together, in an integrated development lifecycle.

They launched Absurd in 2016 to remove bloated development silos and bridge the void created by the wave of acquisitions; a gaping hole in the vendor capabilities needed by clients to launch enterprise Products and Services across the full stack.


Problem Solving

Design Strategy

Understanding audience traits and market contexts to deliver customer experience visions aligned with human behaviour.

  • Personas
  • Customer touchpoint mapping
  • Service vision & strategy
  • Service brief
  • Design principles

Product & Service Design

Aligning processes and products to the design strategy, to deliver against goals in the most intuitive manners.

  • Service blueprints
  • Product concepts
  • IA/Wireframes
  • Screen designs
  • Prototypes


Developing enterprise-level products and platforms against the design vision.

  • Technical Consultancy
  • Feasibility and PoC builds
  • CMS implementation
  • Infrastructure setup and hosting
  • Maintenance & SLAs

Our experience

Brands we've helped