Driving the Future of Hospitality

The Role of Prosper EX in Driving Employee Engagement

Eldon Pickles
Eldon Pickles 17th May 2023

Driving the Future of Hospitality: Digital Transformation is not just about Guests

​​The transformative power of digital technologies is undeniable. In the hospitality industry, this power is not just about enhancing the guest experience – it's about fundamentally reshaping how we engage and retain our workforce. The future of hospitality is being driven by businesses that understand this and are harnessing these technologies to foster a more connected, engaged, and efficient workforce.

In the hospitality industry, employee engagement and retention are as critical to success as providing excellent guest experiences. Yet, engaging a large, geographically distributed workforce often poses significant challenges. This is where digital transformation strategies, such as those employed by Prosper EX, can make a tangible difference.

Prosper EX: A Digital Transformation Success Story

Prosper EX’s web application, developed by Absurd, integrates performance management, employee engagement and development into one platform that revolutionises people strategy. It uses real-time data to enable management teams to better connect with their teams and individual employees, tracking performance across the business to identify areas requiring attention. Since its launch, Prosper EX has boosted employee engagement for organisations across the APAC region, to the value of 30% higher employee retention and 23% higher productivity

One of the key challenges in the hospitality industry is engaging with a large and geographically distributed workforce. As Absurd's case study on Prosper EX reveals, this challenge is surmountable. It shows that a digitally enabled management team can not only monitor performance across the business more effectively, but can listen to, understand and engage with their teams no matter where they are in the world.

Effective Communication & Recognition

In the dynamic hospitality industry, establishing a positive working environment and valuing staff are crucial to success. Prosper EX's open-door policy encourages honesty and transparency, helping prevent a toxic work environment and enabling management to swiftly address any issues.

Recognising and rewarding employees' hard work fosters a sense of appreciation and value within the organisation. This, in turn, enhances productivity, reduces turnover rates, and promotes a more engaged and resilient workforce.

Personal Development

Additionally, understanding employee aspirations and career ambitions through effective communication can lead into the creation of Personal Development Plans (PDPs), fostering a sense of growth and opportunity within the organisation.

Recognising and Valuing Staff

When employees feel secure, supported, and valued, they perform better. This can be achieved through simple gestures like asking about their welfare, acknowledging their need for a break, and challenging stereotypical or outdated behaviour. Most importantly, recognising and rewarding their hard work fosters a sense of appreciation and value within the organisation.

Creating a Positive Working Environment

A harmonious environment is beneficial for both the physical and mental health of employees. By promoting a culture of mutual respect and support, we can create an environment that protects employee welfare, increasing performance and reducing employee turnover.

The Future of Employee Engagement in Hospitality

Digital transformation strategies such as those embodied by Prosper EX can help drive the future of the hospitality industry. By fostering a more connected, engaged, and efficient workforce, we can navigate the challenges of employee engagement and retention, setting new standards of success in the hospitality industry.


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