Half the year away

Oli Taylor

By Oli Taylor

Design Director

Here’s what we've been up to

We started out in Knutsford, with a convenient space for us to work from and be round the same table, which was crucial to setting up the business and ensuring the team were taking a unified approach as we identified opportunities.

As great as it was to be out in the Cheshire countryside, we soon realised the need to be back in the city centre. Not only to make it easier for our clients to visit (who are mostly based in London and Europe), but also to create convenience for our team of freelancers to work from the same room as us. As much as we are open to remote working, it is important to have the team around the same table during key stages of a project lifecycle.

The other reason we were so keen to get back to the city was to attract creative talent. We are constantly looking to bolster our team and this is the city where the best creatives play and work. We are currently focussing our search for an experienced Designer, amongst other roles.

So what have we been working on?

First and foremost we began working with Electrical Safety First, a behavioural change charity who we help with campaign creation as well as being a digital partner, this is an account that is growing by the day for us due to the great working relationship we have formed with the team.

We work with Walo International, who are one of the largest family owned companies in Switzerland. We are now Walo’s sole digital partner and are helping them roll out a global strategy as they begin to break into the US market. Walo are an immense engineering company who provide technology to lay reinforced concrete for everything from Roads & Train Tracks to Bridges and Dams. If you visit Switzerland, with any construction you see taking place you are bound to see Walo machinery on site.

We began working with Brother Europe, who we have been helping improve customer experience of their self serve portal. Our role is to improve the way customers can manage their products & devices online, a portal that currently gets more than 7 million visitors a month.

We are now in conversation with a luxury retail brand regarding their customer engagement which we hope to be able to share more about in the new year, along with some exciting opportunities over in the states.

Here’s to the next 6 months.

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