It’s back to (language) school for Absurd

Sam Gooch

By Sam Gooch

Technical Director

Institut Francais is the official French government centre of language and culture in London. The organisation has turned to Absurd to help it expand its online learning services on a more permanent basis and identify ways to improve the customer experience across its public-facing touchpoints, as well as increasing efficiencies across their back-office provision.  

The digital transformation project kicked off last year and we’re fully immersed in the discovery phase. The initial programme of work will see us define the new service vison whilst identifying the relevant products and services to enable it.

The Language Centre of the Institut Francais has more than 4000 students per year, each progressing through different courses that can range from two to 15 weeks. Our goal is to create an improved learning experience for students whether they choose to learn online or in the classroom (or a mixture of the two) – in turn helping the language school achieve growth. 

Working with students, teachers and staff at the school to really understand current challenges & needs has been hugely rewarding – with everyone involved keen to deliver a refreshing learning experience to be launched in 2022. 

So, à la prochaine, we look forward to sharing the all-new ‘Institut Francais’ online experience when it launches.

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