Our work expands to Oz where we will create a new employee wellbeing platform

Oli Taylor
Oli Taylor 19th March 2021

As an agency that works globally, it’s always exciting to enter new countries –

and now we’re digital partner to Prosper Ex PTY LTD, a start-up organisation based in Queensland, Australia. 

We will be supporting Prosper Ex to bring an industry-first employee platform to market that will promote and engender wellbeing in workforces across Australia.

The platform is intended to give organisations the capability to easily reward employees with perks, as well as recognise efforts and gain valuable employee insights, with easy to implement functionality.

It is particularly aimed at the construction and mining industries, where employee wellbeing can be very much an afterthought or difficult to manage due to distributed workforces. Prosper Ex’s platform aims to address this by creating a seamless touchpoint bridging the gap between employees and their employers. It will also be extremely relevant for any businesses who continue to operate remote working teams after the restrictions of the pandemic ease.

Our remit is service design and product development, and we’re busy working on an MVP using Umbraco 8 CMS.

The site will provide an attractive, easy to use platform which enables employees to be rewarded whilst the companies gain invaluable feedback and insights to further increase happiness & productivity within their organisations.

We will add more updates to our blog as the work unfolds.

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