Shopify Winter ’23 Edition

Keighton Lindsay
Keighton Lindsay 28th February 2023

What we are excited about!

Shopify recently released their Winter '23 Edition, disclosing an array of exciting new features, that will help our team, and clients.


Shopify Checkout has historically been quite cumbersome to customise. Shopify Plus helped make this a little more streamlined, but this typically resulted in workarounds to implement new features. With the Shopify 2.0 update and checkout extensions this was improved further but now we have even more new features.

Drag-and-drop checkout editor

New Richer content editing experiences will make it easier than ever for our clients to update the checkout process without the need of any deployments. Another great feature of this is that you will now be able to create draft versions of your checkout, similar to themes, that you can actively update and change without deploying this to your live site. Hopefully we will see more updates on this from Shopify.

Shopify functions

For developers reading this, Shopify have also announced new APIs for Checkout UI extensions that will allow further customization. Along with Shopify functions this will make it easier to create product bundles, validation rules and more. Once deployed through an app, clients will then be able to control these in the Shopify admin.

One-page checkout

Shopify has also announced a new one-page checkout which will make it easier and faster for customers to complete their purchase and lead to higher conversion rates.

Honorable mentions

Another update includes something we’ve all been seeing a lot of lately. AI-generated content. Shopify has introduced Shopify Magic. A new tool that will help businesses to write content for products. This will especially help new businesses with their store set up and is another small reason for them to choose Shopify. You can join the waitlist.

Lastly we’d like to talk about Metaobjects. New custom data structures that are essentially a grouping of metafields that will help to create resources Shopify doesn’t offer out of the box whilst making it more organised  and keeping everything in one place.

To find out more about all the other updates we recommend you read the Winter ’23 Edition here

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