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Oli Taylor
Oli Taylor 19th May 2017

We officially launch our agency on Monday, so we thought we ought to finally introduce ourselves...

We are Oli Taylor, Sam Gooch and Ollie Bailey; three former colleagues, who have worked for four of the most prevalent digital agencies and consultancies in the UK, over the past 8 years. Three of those years were spent working together for our friends over at Code Computerlove.

Since early last year we’ve been discussing the prospect of building something of our own, and just before Christmas we found ourselves planning Absurd, a new digital agency.

We often see new agencies and startups in the press saying that they can do things differently, and that’s what we wanted to be about; an agency that does things differently. Yet in reality, agencies have been honing processes in their own ways for years that work for both clients and agencies; processes we have all become accustomed to - we’re just fortunate enough that between the three of us we’ve seen the different ways that these processes have been developed, and so are able to pick the best bits for the way that we work and bring them into our own evolution.

That doesn’t mean we cut out the rigour or the methodical approaches, but it does mean that we know the different approaches to get the best out of a brief.

So why did we set up? Setting up our own agency means we are in control of our work; we want to make sure that our clients fit with us; we’re ambitious and want to see results - we want to work with clients that are just as ambitious, where we’ll thrive and where we’ll enjoy working together.

Why "Absurd"?

With 2 babies on the way at the time, and four mortgages between the 3 of us.. It felt like a tall ask to walk away from our comfortable, permanent roles and start from scratch. A number of times along the way we were reminded how absurd the idea was.

We've been fortunate enough to launch, with a number of clients already onboard, so we're pleased to say the "Absurd" risk is already paying off. Not only for ourselves, but for our clients, (who we don’t think will mind us saying), are already seeing great results from us.

Here's to an Absurd future.


Ollie Bailey

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