Umbraco 7 End of Life (EOL) and why you should care

Rob Dorsett
Rob Dorsett 26th January 2023

Though it’s been on the horizon for a little while now, the inevitable is approaching at a high velocity, the end of Umbraco 7.

Value of maintenance

As with any system, migrations get more complex over time as more versions and different ways of working are introduced, resulting in substantially higher costs and sometimes rebuilds.

We believe that continual maintenance is key to ensure these huge migration costs are alleviated resulting in having access to the latest and greatest features, but also, most importantly, the security patches.  Let's talk about maintenance

What End of Life (EOL) means?End of life means that a piece of software is no longer supported by the provider, including receiving severe security patches to vulnerabilities.

Why should I care?

Even though Umbraco 7 is a battle hardened product delivering over 10 years of service, issues can still come out of the woodwork. As with any system, no system is 100% secure.

Although, The precedence of moving over to a later LTS (Long term support) version is ever growing with the EOL being so close. Putting in the investment ahead of time will ensure you aren’t going to leave your software or your users in a vulnerable position.

Upgrade Path

In short, there isn’t one.

Options? There’s a few:


The latest version of Umbraco (11 at the time of writing this) is written in a different framework (.NET 7 vs .NET Framework 4.8).

The typical “happy path” migration process involves:

  1. Rewriting a large portion of the backend codebase to new ways of working (in .NET 7).
  2. Reuse frontend code
  3. Migration of current content from the existing U7 database
    1. Due to database schema differences this can be a rather complex process, and will require content freezes, along with fine tooth comb iteration testing.


You could take this opportunity to invest in rebuilding your existing site, following more up to date practices, improving UX, performance and any teething issues you have with your current system.

How can Absurd help

Whichever option you take, our Umbraco certified experts can help take the headache out of your journey!

We have undertaken a vast amount of project migrations from U7 to the later versions successfully, so you’re in safe hands.

If you choose to rebuild, we are a full service agency with experts from UX, through to design & development which have a proven track record of producing high quality solutions which deliver great results.

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