Saving lives with voice services

Research shows that electrical product recalls have a success rate of between 10-20% resulting in a quagmire of hazardous appliances still being used in UK homes.

Currently the only way to contact customers about a recall is if they have registered their item when purchased – paperwork that many people ignore.

We set about tackling the barriers to getting consumers to take the risk of a recall seriously, with minimal impact to their time and cutting out all unnecessary admin.

With consumers increasingly turning to virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, especially as they spend more time working and socialising at home, we identified that voice technology could make this process easily accessible and a task that they could engage with at leisure or “in the moment”.

We developed an Alexa app which simplifies the recall process. Asking Alexa makes it easy for users to make ad hoc checks on their appliances whilst carrying out household tasks without having to resort to adding serial numbers into a website. Consumers simply say the item’s brand name and model to check if it is currently on a recall list.

Sometimes the only way to facilitate genuine change and become a true disrupter in your sector is to overhaul your digital strategy completely – even when it appears to be working.

That’s exactly what we're doing for Electrical Safety First – shifting a content-led, always-on approach that is subject to saturation and seasonality, to a customer-centric digital product strategy – solving genuine consumer problems and cutting through the noise with tangible and engaging digital products. 

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