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Morning Mindset mobile app offers an effective solution to manage wellbeing and mindfulness practices through rituals and routines.
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Managing Wellbeing and Mindfulness with Personal Routines

Morning Mindset engaged Absurd to design and develop a mobile application for iOS and Android to help users manage their wellbeing and mindfulness practices by allowing users to create routines using a bank of industry leading content and toolkits. 

Morning Mindset wanted to understand the target users, their needs, and pain points, as well as the features and functionalities that similar applications offer. 


Absurd conducted a short research and discovery phase that built upon existing data and insights. This included stakeholder interviews to gain a deeper understanding of how the application could integrate seamlessly and effectively with other service touch points within the stakeholders' organisation. 

User interviews and surveys were also conducted to gain firsthand insights from the users. Additionally, research on the competitive landscape and analogous research was carried out to understand the current market and what features and functionalities were being offered by competitors.


With the insights gained, the design team created working prototypes , while closely collaborating with the development and engineering teams to ensure that the design concepts were technically feasible and met the needs of the users and business objectives. It was important to ensure persuasive and emotional techniques were used throughout the user journeys to encourage users to stick to their routines and gain the benefits from the product.

The devops phase was a critical step in hosting the project, ensuring the foundation was set for performance, scalability, and availability. The development team focused on entity relationships and data structures to ensure data was stored in a succinct and manageable way, future-proofing the application and improving performance when querying data.


Morning Mindset now has a well-designed mobile application that enables users to manage their lifestyle through a series of tools and practices. The application addresses the target users' needs, goals, and pain points, offers features and functionalities that similar applications provide, and integrates seamlessly and effectively with other service touchpoints within the stakeholders' organisation.

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