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Prosper Ex is a SAAS product providing employee wellbeing and measurement to organisations across the Asia-Pacific region.

At a Glance

Many APAC organisations typically employ workforces that span large remote regions - combined with the recent pandemic and further adoption of remote workforces, the employee experience has shifted. Organisations needed a way to increase and monitor engagement with their employees

Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing and happiness was difficult to track and manage, resulting in high turnovers of staff.

Knowledge Gaps

There are knowledge gaps based on the location of the employee; organisations needed a way to identify these locations so they could actively support.


Engagement is hard to manage across multiple teams distributed across vast areas of the globe.

Remote Working

Employees can often feel isolated and unengaged when working remotely.

The Task

Bring a product to market driven by user insights that can help APAC organisations increase and measure employee engagement and therefore retention.

  • Understand company culture and how it impacts engagement levels.

  • Provide the tools for measuring shared knowledge across teams, geographies and districts.

  • Provide the tools for organisations to monitor and manage their own success.

  • Explore further functionality for driving engagement in the workforce such as reward systems and peer to peer engagement.

  • Overall, deliver a product that can be scaled and licensed to organisations across the APAC regions.

The Outcome

A web application that provides not only the ability to engage with teams and individual employees but the tools to measure and learn from clear data visualisations and analysis.

Performance Analysis

Clear analysis of performance across the business, with tools to show which areas require attention.

Ways of Working

The tools to help drive employees' personal development.

Increased Engagement

Increased engagement between management teams and their employees.

Increased Investment

Since the initial MVP was launched to market, Prosper EX has managed to sign a number of corporate clients to the platform and attract $2million AUD in investment.

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