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Intuitive products and services designed with research and experimentation at their heart

Research and experimentation is front and centre to Absurd's UX design process.

We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to ensure we are designing around the behaviours, needs, and motivations of your customers.

Absurd's Researchers and Strategists are at the core of our design process; uncovering the insights that ensure we know who we are designing for, the problems we are solving and why they exist. 

Throughout our design process we work closely with our clients to create the ideal customer experience and product roadmap. 

Our experiment-led design process means we test our designs and ideas early and often; from initial conception through to production ready designs and user stories.


How we help

User Research & Discovery

Through research we provide valuable insights into the needs, goals, behaviours and pain points of your customers.

Definition & Ideation

Defining the product roadmap for solutions that solve problems and provide value.

User Testing (fast and often)

Guerrilla testing of early prototypes to lab-based behavioural observations. By reviewing data and feedback from users, we can take an experiment-led approach to improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Production Ready Design

Cross-platform wireframes and visual designs. By including stakeholders at each design stage we enable them to see the development of the process end to end.

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