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We are a service design agency - we transform the way organisations engage with their customers.

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This is Absurd

Independent, integrated and multi-disciplinary service design specialists.

Working as agile teams of designers and engineers, our human-focused design approach enables us to uncover meaningful opportunities and design experiences that are useful, effective and engaging.


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Working closely with our clients and their customers to understand their problems and why they exist.

An important step in allowing us to understand the  organisation's specific challenges and in turn, opportunities.

Tasks and tools at this stage may include:

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • User research
  • Empathy maps
  • Data modelling
  • Customer journey maps
  • Personas

Designing the ideal

Aligning customer needs with those of the organisation and project stakeholders allows us to design a cohesive service vision for the organisation.


Tasks and tools at this stage may include:

  • Service vision and strategy
  • Design principles
  • Service maps
  • Service design blueprints
  • Proof of Concepts (PoCs)
  • Concepts & sketches


Testing and learning early is key to the success of any product or service; whether it’s lab-based or guerrilla testing of a prototype.

Whether we're leading the development or consulting, we help our customers ensure the design intent is realised all the way through the delivery life cycle and the investment in engineering delivers returns.


Tasks and deliverables at this stage may include:

  • UX wireframes
  • Visual design (UI)
  • Design sprints
  • Functional prototypes
  • User testing
  • User stories
  • Application development
  • Technical consultancy
  • Feasibility and PoC builds

Brands we've helped

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