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Project Overview

Entain operates over 30 brands, including Ladbrokes and BWIN, across multiple global markets. With multiple markets comes multiple design teams, and that's where the problem came in.

Entain's global design teams lacked consistency and efficiency; what was being built in one market wasn't necessarily being carried over to another, so the experiences were inconsistent and difficult for a global operator to manage.

Absurd designed a new Design System to create a single source of truth for Entain globally. Primarily this enabled the teams to deliver a fresh UI to each brand without breaking any product architectures.

As part of the overall Service Design Absurd were able to improve Entain's processes by integrating the design system with a number of their existing tools, such as Figma and Jira - essentially creating a unified workflow for creating new assets to be used globally.

Looking a layer deeper, Absurd were also tasked with establishing roles, responsibilities and the layer of governance responsible for maintaining the platform and driving future iterations of the platform.



Absurd embarked on a Discovery phase to understand the flaws in Entain's existing design system; it was a product that existed but rarely used. With the insights gained, we were able to map the current state of the Design System as a service and identify the opportunities for improvement.

Understand frictions blocking component updates and the disconnect between Design & Engineering teams.

Audit current organisational structure and end-to-end processes to identify the pain points and areas of opportunity

Troubleshoot the reasons behind component 'hacking' and the barriers the existing Design System presents to the business

Take an experiment led approach to research, working in the open to align as 'one team'

Design the workflows and roles and responsibilities for operating and maintaining the Design System.

Applying design thinking methods

Absurd understood the challenges faced by Entain's 30+ global teams of designers, engineers and brand teams. We designed an updated UI for each brand without breaking the product architecture. This created a single source of truth for the company that could be operated by all of Entain's teams; from requesting a new component to integrating it within the product itself.

  • We designed a cloud-based, collaborative design system with inline documentation to support design decisions.
  • Consistent naming conventions were key so that the system could scale whilst maintaining a growing and detailed database of components.
  • New workflows were designed for frictionless handoff between design and engineering squads with new project management tools embedded for project visibility within the business.
  • The ability to embed front end prototypes and integrate directly with Figma allowed the teams to showcase easy brand switching between the components and automatic updates in real-time.

The Output

A collaborative, cloud-based Design System

Absurd delivered a collaborative, cloud-based design system that enables users to work in the open, apply changes with ease and maintain a growing system. The design components were aligned with code for a frictionless handoff between designers and developers and had consistent naming conventions designed for scaling and a detailed database for components.

Entain's teams are now able to implement and operate consistent UIs across their global roster of brands. This has led to much more effective UX and experience design as learnings can be shared between brands.

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