A Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer needed to identify opportunities for their sales team to engage with clinicians at the right time and in a compliant manner.

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User Research
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Project Overview

A global pharmaceutical manufacturer faced the challenge of decreasing opportunities to engage with clinicians. When the globe was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, the problem was only exacerbated.

The organisation's Marketing and Sales teams sought Absurd's assistance in identifying opportunities to improve the way they engaged with clinicians and reprioritise their existing channels, all whilst remaining compliant.

Through a number of research methods, Absurd were able to understand the needs of the stakeholders and clinicians, their behaviours and how they consumed information on a daily basis. Through this activity, Absurd were able to map the current journeys and identify the opportunities for better engagement.

We were then able to prioritise the new opportunities based on investment and impact to form the transformation roadmap.


Behavioural-based research

To identify these opportunities, Absurd adopted a Digital Footprint Mapping approach to gain an understanding of clinicians' online behaviour.

1. Persona Design

2. Digital Footprint Mapping

3. Interviews

4. Ecosystem Mapping

5. Journey Mapping (as-is and to-be)


Absurd adopted Digital Footprint Mapping to gain an understanding of clinicians' natural online behaviour. Interviews were then conducted to understand the triggers, needs, and friction points of our users and to validate any hypotheses that were generated from the Footprint data.

By understanding the journeys and influences on clinicians, Absurd was able to identify pain points and opportunities, and looked at innovations in other industries to form the basis of ideation and problem-solving. Compliance teams were consulted and part of the stakeholder to ensure all opportunities were within the realms of possibility.

A Service Design Roadmap was drawn up based on a pragmatic view of the impact matrix, which is now being rolled out across the Oncology offering at the Global Pharmaceutical Organisation.

The Output


The result of our approach was a roadmap that enabled the organisation to optimise existing activities, develop new features and products, create platforms and processes, and provide new services to clinicians.

This was presented as a matrix that visualised the perceived impact vs the requirement investment. This enabled the organisation to prioritise and allocated resource efficiently.

The results since implementation have been a significant improvement in engagement levels with clinicians, and the organisation has been able to meet its targets whilst remaining compliant.


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