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These core UX/UI design services can ensure a seamless, visually appealing, and user-centric experience that captures your audience's attention, fosters customer loyalty, and positions your brand for success in a competitive digital landscape.

User Research & Persona Development
Understand your target audience deeply through comprehensive research, surveys, and interviews. Developing user personas allows you to tailor your design to their specific needs and preferences, resulting in highly relevant and engaging experiences.
Wireframing & Prototyping
Visualise the user journey and interface layout with wireframes and interactive prototypes. This offering allows you to validate design decisions early on, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments before committing to full development, saving time and resources.
Usability Testing & Iterative Design
Continuously refine your design based on real user feedback and data-driven insights. Usability testing allows you to identify pain points and areas for improvement, leading to a user-centric and polished
Applications of UI / UX Design

From high converting website to intuitive app design, we have you covered

Mobile App Design

UI/UX for intuitive, visually pleasing digital products, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

Website Design

Engaging UX captivates users, driving higher interactions, longer sessions, and increased conversions. Thoughtful design at its finest.

E-commerce Design

Elevate e-commerce with UI/UX design. Engaging interfaces & seamless experiences enhance customer satisfaction & boost conversions.

AR / VR Design

Designing immersive and captivating AR applications that blend digital content seamlessly with the real world.

Website Redesign

Revamping existing websites with modern and user-centric designs, optimising user engagement and conversion rates.

SaaS Product Design

Elevate SaaS products with UI/UX design. Intuitive interfaces & seamless experiences optimise user workflows & drive customer satisfaction.
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Seamless Journey

How we partner with you for transformative success

Research & Insight
In-depth user research, maps customer journeys, and develops service blueprints.
Design & Ideation
Collaborative workshops, we create innovative concepts and designs.
Implementation & Iteration
Flexible roadmaps, tests prototypes with real users, and continuous improvement.

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"Absurd shared our pain when pressure was on, and I have rarely experienced such a “one team” ethos. I thoroughly recommend Absurd; they were brilliant partners during our period of hyper-growth and ongoing operations."
Robbie King
Chief Operating Officer, Cignpost Diagnostics

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UX/UI Design

Design and build of global website; Umbro.com.

User Flows

Transforming tado°’s website to increase revenue.

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