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2019 - Present

Project Overview

Whilst Umbro has local offices looking after the marketing in their respective regions, Umbro's global office is responsible for the collation and distribution of branded content globally.

Whilst Umbro's global team are effectively the nominated guardians of the brand, the local offices were able to publish content directly to the website which was causing issues with consistency and quality management.

In addition, Umbro wanted to reposition their digital presence to bring editorial content to the forefront to engage much more effectively with their fan base.

Umbro's sessions come from mobile devices predominantly so our design team took a mobile-first design approach. The UX brief was about striking a balance between browsing behaviour and referring visitors to Umbro's local ecommerce websites.

Absurd implemented the Umbraco CMS so that content workflows could be deployed for the management and QA of locally submitted content. We also utilised Umbraco's functionality to depoy and manage Umbro's language variants, with a direct integration to Umbro's translation partner.


Information Architecture & journey mapping

Absurd was tasked with understanding and defining the information architecture and content design strategy for Umbro's global site launch in 16 countries. The aim was to bring together multiple topics of branded content in a simple and filterable way, whilst also driving referral traffic to the Umbro's local commerce platforms..

Umbraco Development

User Flows & IA design

Design Concepts

Mobile-first Template Design

Umbraco Implementation

Design Process

Absurd's UX design process included sketching user flows and key templates. A content audit supported the definition of the new IA.

Visual design concepts were presented as the new look and feel of the website was to be distinctly different to the legacy site. The agreed look and feel was then rolled out across a new design system and the sites key templates.

Functional and browser testing was performed to ensure the website was fully functional, with various language variants configured to ensure the site rendered correctly for the different local offices during testing.

The Output

An improved UX and Content Strategy

The new website delivered an improved user experience with a story-led content strategy that is bringing new audiences into the brand.

The new content workflows ensure every piece of content is on-brand and reflective of the positioning strategy Umbro are following as they push forwards into new markets.

A significant accomplishment has been an increase in engagement metrics, such as increased time on site and reduced bounce rates, whilst also increasing the referral traffic to the local commerce websites.

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