A studio that bridges the gaps between complex problem solving, innovative UX/UI design and scalable software development.

Our services

We support the full design and build lifecycle; from initial user research and discovery to implementation and ongoing optimisation.

01/ Digital Strategy & Service Design

02/ Digital Product Design (UX/UI)

03/ Software Development

04/ Maintenance & Support

05/ Ecommerce

Where did 'Absurd' come from?

We find inspiration in the concept of ‘Absurdism’ - a philosophical theory which suggests that the universe is irrational and inherently meaningless. There is a clash between the desire for order and the chaotic reality of the world. Instead of viewing this clash as a source of despair, we see it as an opportunity for creativity and innovation.

The digital landscape today mirrors this clash. It's a complex, often confusing ecosystem where user needs, technological capabilities, and business goals often appear to conflict. Navigating this environment can feel contradictory, chaotic, and without a clear path forward.

This is where Absurd comes in.

Just as Absurdism embraces the oddities of existence, at Absurd, we lean into the contradictions and complexities of the digital world. We make sense of the seemingly nonsensical by bridging the gap between user expectations and the limitations of technology, between creative visions and market demands. We navigate the irrational digital universe with informed strategies and intuitive designs, drawing order from chaos, meaning from confusion, and value from the void.

By embracing the Absurd, we are not overwhelmed by these challenges, but empowered. We work smarter, not harder, by crafting digital experiences that resonate with the end-users, focusing on their needs and goals. By aligning business objectives with user-centric design, we deliver solutions that are not only efficient and easy to use but also imbued with a sense of purpose and significance.

We understand that the journey to creating a great product can seem daunting, and we guide our clients through this convoluted process with transparency, empathy, and relentless commitment. To us, embracing the Absurd is not about surrendering to chaos, but about finding new ways to thrive amidst it.

Our principles

Embrace agile adaptability

We confront the chaos and contradictions of the digital universe head-on, finding opportunities where others see challenges. Guided by Agile methodologies, we work iteratively, incorporating feedback from regular sprints and reviews. We co-create with our clients and users, adapting quickly and efficiently to changes, and always striving for innovation.

Forge trust through transparent collaboration

We value the power of collaboration in navigating complexities. We involve our clients at every step of the journey, fostering an environment of co-creation. By maintaining open, straight-talking communication, we build mutual trust, allowing for greater autonomy and ensuring our work aligns perfectly with your vision and values.

Cultivate clarity amid complexity

We derive our inspiration from Absurdism, which sees meaning in an irrational world. We apply this perspective to dissect and demystify the convoluted digital landscape, creating clear, purposeful designs. Our commitment to transparency ensures our clients are with us every step of the way, fully engaged and understanding of the process, enabling us to turn the convoluted into the coherent.

7 years

Working with some of the world's largest brands since 2016.

Revenue generated through our products and services to date.

Our client base is global, we've worked on projects in 34 countries to date.

7 years

Working with some of the world's largest brands since 2016.


Revenue generated through our products and services last year.


Our client base is global, we've worked on projects in 34 countries to date.


"It's been an absolute pleasure working with you on this project and we're so grateful for your hard work, skill, commitment and perseverance while we get such a big piece of work over the line and live to our amazing community."

Matt Dye

Head of Ecommerce, Lucy & Yak


"We didn't know how to ask for what we wanted and you have shown us what we want without us asking - Well done"

Jen Barber

Head of Research, Campfire

Cignpost Diagnostics

"Absurd shared our pain when pressure was on, and I have rarely experienced such a “one team” ethos. I thoroughly recommend Absurd; they were brilliant partners during our period of hyper-growth and ongoing operations."

Robbie King

Chief Operating Officer, Cignpost Diagnostics