Absurd designs Brother's European ecommerce platform to launch D2C offering.

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Brother Europe



Project Overview

Brother Europe are responsible for the 32 websites that serve their European territories. Traditionally their route to market has been to refer customers to authorised dealers. However, in 2022 Brother launched a Direct to Consumer business model and tasked Absurd with designing their e-commerce functionality.

The goal was to balance ecommerce sales alongside the existing dealer referrals that were to remain in place.

As the new functionality was to be integrated into the existing Sitecore instance, Absurd redesigned the product listing pages, product detail pages and created a new checkout flow.

In order to support conversion and aid engagement, we also redesigned the site navigation and created new opportunities for merchandising.



Extensive research allowed us to understand the existing customer behaviour and how a new retail channel could affect it. We were able to understand which journeys could be disrupted and which could not; this allowed us to balance the ecommerce proposition with the dealer referral effectively, and identify suitable areas for personalisation and merchandising.

Customer Experience Audit

Content Led Design Approach

Design System

UX & Visual Design

User Testing

Creating a new design system

Absurd created a new design system using Figma in order to roll out the new components and templates efficiently and consistnely.

Improvements were made to the navigation with the introduction of a meganav, and the journeys that included finding a dealer and buying online. The design system also included instructions for personalisation rules and opportunities for cross-selling and personalisation, enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Absurd audited the existing customer journeys to identify problems, barriers, and opportunities.
  • The opportunities highlighted areas where content could support the ecommerce journeys.
  • The new components and templates were designed in Figma and tested with users across Europe before any production ready design was produced.

The Output

With enhanced navigation, merchandising and the new ecommerce channel, Brother have been able to open up revenue from a new channel. Personalisation has further enriched the customer experience and fostered engagement as we learn more about customer behaviour.

The new platform is now being rolled out across Europe alongside a Sitecore upgrade.

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