Absurd's redesign and rebuild of Shopify commerce store leads to 15% increase in revenue for Lucy & Yak.

Conversion Rate Optimisation
UX & UI Design


Lucy & Yak



Project Overview

Lucy & Yak, a sustainably focused fashion business, approached Absurd for the redesign and rebuild of their Shopify commerce store to improve customer experience and conversion rates.

  • Challenges with existing website stack and plugins, which are outdated and not fully optimised for performance and user experience.
  • The existing information architecture and user flows on Lucy & Yak's website are not be efficient or user-friendly, leading to frustrations and difficulties for customers when navigating the site.
  • The visual design of Lucy & Yak's website lacks consistency and a cohesive style. Components aren’t utilised across multiple templates, and third party designs break Shopify design patterns and style libraries.


Absurd followed a five-stage process:

This process included reviewing the existing stack, understanding user needs, designing information architecture and key user flows, documenting user stories and acceptance criteria, and implementing the templates and user stories in line with the acceptance criteria.

Technical Discovery

UX Design

Visual Design

Technical Specifications

Software Development

Delivering Success: Documentation, Defect Fixing, and Seamless Deployment

• Document user stories and acceptance criteria for the new templates, which requires a clear understanding of Lucy & Yak's requirements and expectations.

• Identify and fix existing defects and advise on the necessary fixes before the solution is passed to Lucy & Yak for user acceptance testing.

• Deploy the solution to the staging and production environments, ensuring a smooth transition and effective project management throughout the delivery process.

• Thoroughly test the solution against the acceptance criteria in the latest versions of different browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to ensure consistent functionality and appearance across platforms.

The Output

The redesign of Lucy & Yak's website resulted in significant improvements in revenue and conversion rates.

The redesign of Lucy & Yak's website resulted in significant improvements in revenue 
and conversion rates. With a 15% increase in revenue and a 21% increase in conversion, 
the new design greatly improved the customer experience. The primary focus of the redesign was to increase site speed through the use of a custom-built theme built on top 
of Shopify's 2.0 Dawn theme. To ensure optimal speed, all custom functionality and third-party integrations were done through APIs, avoiding pre-built components that could slow down the site. Additionally, a new flyout cart was built to improve the Add to Cart time, 
and a smoother and faster search feature was developed using Algolia.

The L&Y in-house digital team was also supported through the redesign, with the introduction of Shopify's new Github CLI integration to make controlling new development releases easier than ever. Another noteworthy contribution to the project was the integration with an independent shop that recycled their clothes, a cause that L&Y are deeply committed to. The integration allowed customers to recycle their clothes and receive vouchers to spend online. The team provided support for the integration on both the Shopify and Klaviyo side.

15% Increase
21% Increase
Improved experience

In revenue

In Conversion

Increase customer retention


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