Empowering users with accountability for their wellbeing and mindfulness with personal routines, guided content and gamification.

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Project Overview

The team behind Morning Mindset are passionate about enriching peoples lives through dedicated morning routines. With a wealth of experience in helping individuals to improve their wellbeing through managing their mindsets, Morning Mindset wanted to bring to market a new product for the masses.

To bring the new product to market the start-up needed to understand their target user base; their needs, pain points and features they were missing from existing wellbeing products and services.

We recognised that in order to realistically create new habits in users, the service needed to cater for their individual needs; their availability, commitment levels, interests and goals.

Absurd's task was to design and build the product; a mobile app that packaged up Morning Mindset's content and provided the tools for users to benefit from personalised routines.

Morning Mindset can now reach a much wider audience.


Research & Discovery

Absurd conducted a research and discovery phase that built upon Morning Mindset's existing data and insights. This included stakeholder interviews to gain a deeper understanding of how the application could integrate with the day to day lives of it's users and embed new habits and routines.

Understanding user behaviour

Opportunity mapping

Prioritising a product roadmap

Design and validation of core user journeys

Persuasion techniques through gamification

Creating the Product

Following the Discovery phase, our design team created functional prototypes whilst closely collaborating with our development and engineering teams; this meant that whilst the product met the needs and of the users and the objectives of the business, the end product was also technically feasible.

With the product's core goal being behaviour change and habit creation, it was vital that our designs used persuasive and emotive UX techniques to create this value for users.

DevOps was also a critical consideration for this project from the outset; the content set uses a lot of video that has to be streamed in realtime, so we had to ensure the foundation was set for performance, scalability, and availability.

The development team focused on entity relationships and data structures to ensure data was stored in a succinct and manageable way, future-proofing the application and improving performance when querying data.

The Output

Native iOS & Android App

Morning Mindset now has a user friendly mobile application that enables users to manage their lifestyle through a series of tools and daily rituals. The application addresses the target users' needs and goals by being held accountable for changing their lifestyle.

With content managed in Umbraco, we adopted React Native as the app development framework so that one codebase could be deployed to both iOS and Android and developed our own design system so that the app can be evolved efficiently in line with Morning Mindset's ambitions.

Earn badges and rewards
Send Boosts to Friends
Connect with Friends

Track your progress by earning badge and milestone rewards.

Motivate your friends by sending boosts and rewards.

Add your friends on the app and encourage them to stay motivated and focused.


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