Service Design

Sustainable experiences for our partners and their customers.

Do more with less.

We believe that by leveraging design thinking, businesses can do more with less - working smarter to deliver stronger results for their people and their customers, as well as developing innovations to ensure future growth.

Experience matters. Absurd specialises in creating a seamless user experience by aligning business needs with high standards of design and technology. 

We deliver quality service design that works seamlessly alongside your unique business processes.

From research through to blueprinting, research and testing underpins our approach to Service Design; ensuring our final outputs are validated and our recommendations are grounded. 

Our team of experts is here to help you with any challenge.

.We help you to

Make a Difference

We co-design and help you define a clear digital strategy and product vision; creating a roadmap that's designed to be both flexible and pragmatic.

Stay focused

We'll work with you to understand the granularity of steps needed to achieve your objectives and how we might pivot to be as effective as possible.

Reduce clutter

Inclusion is at the core of product vision. Everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to the direction of a business and add value. We manage stakeholders and their involvement ensuring voices are heard.

Dream, Plan, Evaluate, Ship

Track the success of your digital services using concise KPIs ad actionable targets. We'll work together to implement a measurement framework that works for everyone.

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